Rules around School


Opening Time

  • As the school gates do not open until 8.30am, we ask that students and parents do not enter the school before this time.
  • Before School Care is available for children who arrive before 8.30am.

Student Cellphones – Smart Watches

Cellphones and smart watches are not to be used once students have entered the school grounds in the morning or before 3pm. They must also be turned off during this time. The school will not take responsibility for lost or damaged devices.

Cellphones and smart watches are not permitted on class trips, camps or sporting events.

Years Three to Eight Students:

  • Cellphones and smart watches must be handed to the class teacher at the start of the day.
  • They will be kept in the school office and returned at 3pm. 


  • Children must wear a bike helmet when riding their bike.
  • For safety, bikes are walked up and down the school driveway.
  • Bike racks are situated at the main gates, opposite Room 1 and beside the hall.
  • Bikes cannot be ridden in the school grounds until 3.30pm.
  • The roads are extremely busy at the end of the day so, for safety, children must walk their bikes down Longitude Place.

Scooters & Skateboards

Children are welcome to bring scooters and skateboards to school. This does not include roller-skates or shoes with built-in wheels. For safety, they are not permitted to ride them on the school driveway.

  • The wearing of helmets are compulsory. (No helmet, no scootering/ skateboarding)
  • Children must use their own gear.
  • Where: The sealed area from the top field steps and behind Rimu block.
  • When: Morning tea & lunch breaks only
  • Storage: The bike racks by the gate or beside Room 1


Dogs are not permitted on school grounds. The only occasion dogs may be allowed at school is as part of a specialised, pre-arranged programme. (eg – Therapy Dogs)

Toys & Personal Items

We ask that children do not bring toys and precious items to school. The school can take no responsibility for any such items if they go missing or are damaged.

Make-up & Jewellery

Please support the school by ensuring your children do not wear makeup or unnecessary jewellery to school. For safety, please only wear studs as earrings.

Food/ Drinks

We have a 10 minute “Brain Break” at 11.50am and during this time children are able to snack on a piece of fresh vegetable or fruit.

We encourage healthy eating and drinking of water.

Adventure is a “Nut Free” school as we have a number of children with severe and life-threatening allergies to nuts.

Please support our request that children do not bring the following items to school:

Foods containing nuts or traces of nuts

Chewing gum

Sweets/ chocolate

Carbonated drinks

Birthday celebration cakes / treats 

Because we have many children with severe allergies and special dietary requirements, as well as some families not able to supply treats to the entire class, please do not send class birthday cakes or treats to school.


For sun safety, the wearing of regulation school bucket hats is compulsory in Term 1 and from Labour Weekend in Term 4.

Children without hats will be required to stay in the shaded areas of the playground during breaks and will not be able to take part in class/ syndicate outdoor activities.

Clothing & Footwear

We have a school uniform that our children wear with pride. Please check our Uniform page on the website for details.

It is important children wear suitable footwear for playing and physical activities. For safety please follow these guidelines –

  • no jandals, slides or “wheelie” shoes
  • Year 7 & 8 children attending Technicraft must have enclosed footwear.