The Board of Trustees, in consultation with the parents, endeavour to keep our school donations as low as possible. While these donations are not compulsory, they do go directly towards assisting the children by providing additional resources for learning programmes. From time to time fundraising is undertaken for special projects. Both donations and fundraising help to cover shortfalls in Ministry of Education funding levels.

All donations over $5 paid to the school qualify for tax deductible purposes and receipts will be emailed home for your own accounting purposes.

There is also a Digital Donation of $20 per child.

Currently, donations are set at:

  • Donation for eldest child – $220
  • Donation for second child – $180
  • Donation for each subsequent child – $100

Total family donations are therefore set at:

  • 1 child: $220 (or 4 per term installments or $55)
  • 2 children: $400 (or 4 per term installments of $100)
  • 3 children: $500 (or 4 per term installments of $125)
  • 4 children: $600 (or 4 per term installments of $150)

The school accepts payment by way of cash, eftpos, internet banking, or direct into your child’s account through the Edge parent portal – EDGE Parent Portal

You may also wish to set up an automatic payment that suits you.