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Mission Statement:

Adventure School provides a foundation for lifelong learning.

Adventure School is a co-educational full primary school. Our school, which was opened in 1989, is located in Whitby. It occupies a sunny, scenic site and is surrounded by bush-clad hills.
Adventure was the name of one of Captain Cook’s ships used in his voyage of discovery. We see learning as an adventure so what could be a better name for a great school like ours.

Our Learning Vision
"Adventure students will strive to be effective thinkers, problem solvers and communicators - celebrating uniqueness and learning in aspects of life."

The Values we uphold:
Adventure School works to create a RIPPER student; one who displays the values of:

                                                    Personal Excellence

Who are we?
Our school has an exceptional team of professional teaching staff who offer warmth, support and encouragement that allows children to develop into responsible life-long learners.

We work collaboratively to provide the best possible learning environment. We value all children as individuals and cater for their particular learning styles.
We share learning intentions and success criteria with the children, so they understand what they are learning, why they are learning it and how to be successful learners.
We are proud of the Adventure learning community and hope you will want to join us in the learning journey with your children

Education the Adventure Way
Adventure School prides itself on having very high standards of academic achievement and self-esteem. Our yearly reviews show that most of children read at or above their chronological age.

The high level of skill portrayed in children’s work is a reflection of the support our teachers provide to guide children towards reaching their full potential.
The school offers the full range of subjects from the New Zealand Curriculum and offers a range of additional programmes to enhance the curriculum including: Perceptual Motor Programme, Computer and ICT skills, Support Programmes for learning needs, Choir, Instrumental tuition, School Productions, Sporting opportunities, School camps and Education Outside the Classroom programmes, Year 7 and 8 Leadership and Foreign language programmes.

We are committed to helping children:
Become motivated successful life long learners
Feel a sense of achievement
Develop essential work habits and attitudes
Extend social skills
Develop confidence and positive self image
We believe in a holistic education that promotes the partnership between school, child and parents which is vital in ensuring the best possible educational outcome for our children.

ERO Report:
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